Blender 3D Software Alternatives – 3D Modeling and Rendering Software

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Blender 3D Software Alternatives – 3D Modeling and Rendering Software

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It’s a commonly held belief that paid softwares can be learned quite easily with interactive and user friendly interfaces. Free softwares may come with no price tags but have such steep learning curves that mastering the software becomes a headache on its own.

Blender Software

Most novice designers spend changing windows between the software and tutorials online , ultimately settling for something easier to use and execute.

While Blender® 3D might fall under the bad books of a few designers for it’s complex interface and design methods, but the power-packed software is often the default choice for many. But in case if you’re looking for something else, then be sure to check some alternatives below:-

1. Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo web-based platform, that can create 3D models hassle-free, Neo is an easy to use software that completes all your uses for designing from start to end, including 3D modeling, it has hundreds of inbuilt 3D models to use and offers the scope of getting them custom modeled. An all in one platform adhering to all the designer needs is what this software does.

2. InkScape ™

InkScape is a free, professional, and open source vertical graphics software often regarded as one of the best alternatives for a host of packages such as Corel Draw®, Autodesk® 3ds Max ®, Adobe  Illustrator ® and Xara X®.

Available for all major platforms, it is best suited for illustrators, designers, web designers and for those who love vector imagery. It’s core features include a flexible drawing palette, simple interfaces, broad file format compatibility and much more.

3. Cinema 4D ™

Cinema 4D ® is a graphic editor best suited for professional 3D editors and artists. You could best employ its capabilities for modeling, animation, sculpting, materials & textures, animation, lighting and rendering.

Modeling software

Cinema 4D ® is a product of MAXON built by industry level artists and designers. It was built with an intention to provide high-tech, advanced and professional studio level capabilities to create astounding graphics and animation.

4. Wings 3D ™

Available for all major operating systems, Wings 3D is a free to use modeler used mainly by novice graphic designers and online coders.

3D Modeling Software

Wings 3D can be used to texture and model low to mid-range polygon models, making it easier to render and create graphics.

The only downside is that there is no support for animation in Wings 3D but it is integrated with facilities to render movable graphics and can export files to other rendering programs.

5. MeshMixer

A designing application which serves as a great introductory software if you want to learn solid shapes. MeshMixer is the definite software to be used for adding hassle free teseelation effects and turn dull art pieces into a smashing 3D model.

Modeling Tools

Available for all major operating systems, the software has various designing tools like selection, hotkeys, volume brushes, meshing systems and cycle renders

6. Sketchup

Formerly called Google Sketchup, this is a PC-based 3D modeling platform that is used for creating all sorts of designs used in architecture, interior design, film, video games and even engineering systems.

3D Modeling Designs

Sketchup is a freeware with three major versions. Simple Sketchup is the one available at no price while Sketchup Makeup and Sketchup Pro are decently priced with full package capabilities.

7. SculptGL

A must check tool for web designers that love WebGL sculpting application and JavaScript. SculptGL is actually a web sculpting application for creating models online and publishing them online in forums and websites.

Modeling Ideas

The dashboard of SculptGL allows users to play around with a huge number of file systems. Features for SculptGL include scene selections, history, background, language settings, camera, extra UI, topology, rendering, sculpting & painting and much more. SculptGL is constantly updated by the creators and recently had a major haul.


MARI serves as the default choice for artists used mainly as a 3D texturing and painting software. It’s greatest feature includes allowing users to handle complex assets and designs that can leave a damaging effect to a computer’s CPU.

3D Modeling Software

In a world where graphic design is improving by leaps and bounds, MARI is one of the best options to use when dealing with highly critical projects. With an interactive and user friendly system powered by a sleek 3D rendering, it’s one of the best alternatives on this list.

9. ZBrush

ZBrush is a digital sculpting platform that expertly combines  3D/2.5D modeling, painting and texturing all under the same banner. It has a revolutionary ‘Pixol’ technology which easily stores lighting, depth, color and all information on the screen to counter pesky saving issues.

3D Modeling Designs

It is employed for in almost all spheres of the industry including video games, movies, and animations, including companies like ILM, EA Sports, Marvel Studios and NVidia.

10. Curvy 3D

A highly dedicated 3D modeling application good for mid level artists and designers. Curvy 3D is such a 3D making platform that allows professionals to draw 3D models, sculptures and animations in real time.

Curvy 3D is one of the most sought after platforms for designing due to its ease of use and user friendly palette that reduces the average time for rendering. It’s more commonly used among Windows users for rapidly sketching natural designs directly to 3D.

11. BodyPaint 3D

BodyPaint 3D is a 3D painting tool by created by the same MAXON giant used mainly for creating high tech and professional textures as well as sculptures.

Modeling Software

The hassle-free texturing system has a wide variety of proprietary packages that makes sculpting and texturing a simpler ordeal. While difficult to jump into at first, BodyPaint allows for some jaw dropping natural designs to come to life. BodyPaint 3D also lets designers and artists to drop highly defined textures and paints on the objects directly from images, making it a highly powerful tool.

12. Sketchfab

Another web-based platform for creating and sharing designs, Sketchfab actually provides a 3D model viewer influenced by WebGL.

Users and early learners can create 3D models and share them on a desktop or mobile web pages. Sketchfab is loaded with as many as 500,000 in-built models. Added to it’s easy to use user interface and multisystem availability, the models it includes are 3D scans, animals, 3D printable objects, architectures, characters and even tiny cities.


13. FaceGen

Used more specifically for creating facial models, FaceGen is often bundled with Blender® or other alternative softwares to create fluid and natural facial animations.

Best 3D Model

Users can create realistic human faces and has in built packages for creating models based on various races, genders and a number of other features. Developed by Singular Inversions, this 3D modeling powerhouse is yet to be available with other animation capabilities on all platforms. FaceGen is available in both free and paid versions.

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