Enjoy the Victorian Glam in Interior Design

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Enjoy the Victorian Glam in Interior Design

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Royal Dining Design

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The bygone era has the glamour of its own. Victorian era fits the bill to the tee. It is no less than sheer opulence and royalty. Sophistication is to be found in every nook and corner. Royals and wealthy people of the Victorian period loved the presence of exuberant furniture and accessories in their homes. It was not at all minimal- large and artistic interior décor were part and parcel of Victorian lifestyle. Lavish maximalism is just the right word that defined stylistic designing and décor of the 19th century when Queen Victoria reigned as the revered queen of England.

In the current interior designing scenario going back to the past is becoming a craze. Yes, Victorian interior designing is becoming a fashionable choice both for the interior designers and their clients. Put in a dash of interesting pieces such as ornately carved sunmica or wooden veneers furniture, sash windows, fireplaces in cast iron, ceiling medallions or tall baseboards to bring an authentic touch of the past decades. Victorian romanticism in designing is definitely enjoyable but overdoing it can be a spoilsport. Keep attention to detailing but never to forget that it is an era of urban lifestyle where romanticism needs to strike a fine balance with urbanity.

Vintage Interior Design Inspirations

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A: The Victorian Feel and Vibe

Detailed décor with ornately crafted furniture, rich textiles, bright and exotic oil paintings, Persian style rugs and nitty-gritty is the characteristic of the style that decorated royal household and wealthy people. It is not an uphill task to emulate the feel of a Victorian home. Such homes had a character. Most of the home décor stuff was hand-made and exquisitely made by the skilled artisans of the period. It can be replicated by blending the modern with the bygone. The magical blend of the old style with the new can be achieved easily.

• Add Antique Furniture

A beautiful wooden, curved Victorian table can be paired with chairs made of steel and clear acrylic. Granny’s old dining table furniture can be upholstered with chair cushions in modern hues and stylistic prints and patterns. Chest of drawers, a rare sight these days, immediately bring in the feel of the past days.

• A Modern Chair Upholstered with Popular Fabrics

Damask, a patterned fabric made in silk, linen, cotton, wool or synthetic fibres or tapestries where coloured threads are woven to produce a pictorial design, often used in furniture covers and wall hangings can lend the essence of the era.

• Modern Armoire in Antique Colors

An armoire or a tall wardrobe or cupboard painted in sheer white or black can give that antique feel in an instant.

• Patterned Wallpapers Accentuating Featured Walls

Wallpapers gave a boost to the Victorian interiors. Modern English homes can look like a home from the past with highly-detailed wallpapers in linen texture or using some of the current interior designing techniques like printed vinyl. Bold and darker colours of bohemian can add the flavour.

• Walls, Windows and Floorboards

Sash windows were popular during Victorian days. Waterproofing and double glazing original ones can be a good option. Lavish silk curtains are sure to look marvelous. Floor to ceiling curtains in silk or any lavish textile is a feast for the eyes. Leave one wall with exposed bricks and see rustic charm working its way. Original and authentic wooden floorboards are being spruced. People who are fortunate to have one at home are no more covering it up with modern carpets.

• Carved Wooden Frames and Chandeliers

Mahogany, walnut and oak were the ultimate choices those days. Not just furniture carved mirror frames, picture frames and lamps look gorgeous. Carved marble statues kept in a suitable place at home can be a striking sight for one and all. Keeping an old fireplace mantle or a new, electric fireplace styled to look like an old, wood-burning one can really be pleasing sight apart from enjoying its warmth in the wintry days. Chandeliers are always a pretty sight – a large chandelier sparkling with crystals, gilt mirrors and tale of multi functional products can just pep up the Victorian spirit.

• Rooms in Opulent Heritage Colors

People in the Victorian days loved deep and luxurious colours. They favored colours that reflected opulence and royalty like golden brown, green, red, crimson and blue.

Interior Designing Inspirations

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• Love for Fresh Flowers

The floral motifs and paintings that can be found around Victorian homes point people were fascinated by the charm of flowers. Intricate and exquisite flower decorations were the signs of the rich and the elite strata. The women, in particular, took a genuine fondness and pride in designing artwork out of fresh flowers. Flowers were expressions of mood – it kind of expressed a message – red rose symbolised love and passion and white rose symbolised purity. You can replicate the style – floral chair cushions or sofa pillows can lend a modern home Victorian touch to the entire living space.

• Antique Porcelain Collection

Lovely is the word when you place porcelain dining collection in a contemporary cabinet or modern steel or wrought iron dining table. Porcelain cups and dining ware have an old-world Victorian charm; it was one among the signs of elite elegance.

• Stick to Buy the Best

Modern furniture, only the best quality ones, can merge with Victorian furniture and emphasise the aesthetics. Better stay away from buying cheaper ones.

B: Perfect Union is the Key to Unlock Victorian Charm and Ethnicity

Preserving the antiques and remodeling period pieces is the current Victorian designing trend. The focus is on blending Victorian character and charm with the contemporariness and functionality of the modern times. Modern and contemporary home design– the blend of the two is the watchword. Enjoy the glam and grandeur of the Victorian times as you remodel or renovate your modern living area. Lap up the lavishness of it.

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