15 Problems Most Interior Design Business Faces in 2021

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15 Problems Most Interior Design Business Faces in 2021

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Interior Design Problems

Are you starting your journey as an interior designer? As an established designer, are you facing a roadblock when it comes to your work? Don’t worry – the only thing you need to know is that you’re not alone. Every good interior designer faces several problems and challenges in their line of work – from finding the right suppliers to learning how to cope with newer tools and technology to make their work more cost-effective.

Top 15 Problems Most Interior Designers Faces in 2021:

1. Scaling

Scaling is when an interior designer combines various elements in an interior space to give it the illusion of height and space. This is done by putting together furniture pieces, home decor items, and complementing windows and doors that may be present. 

Most interior designers find it difficult to scale a room impeccably since scaling involves a very good eye and experience. This causes them to insert several small things in an interior, which ends up making it look cluttered.

To avoid making a room bulky or look small and stuffed, interior designers use tools like Foyr to create 3D plans online. Tools like these allow them to experiment with scaling a room digitally, before getting to it physically.

how to make balcony design hacks

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2. Adapting to e-designing

Most interior designers in the last 10-15 years have gathered experience by physically sourcing materials, furniture, and objects and visiting a client’s home day in and day out to design the interiors. Today, with the onset of the pandemic and cost-effectiveness becoming a high factor in running a business, most interior designers have taken to e-design.

While e-design may seem like a regular concept, many interior designers find it challenging to adapt to a digital design process of creating floor plans, scaling rooms, or even sourcing furniture online. Even though this may seem like a problem, e-design is the future.

Online tools like Foyr Neo allow designers to learn how to easily complete their interior design projects by using simple tools without any prior training in CAD or 3D modeling or even designing templates.

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e-designing on Foyr Neo

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3. Budgets

One of the biggest challenges of interior design is sticking to budgets. Different clients have different budgets, which makes it tough for designers to stick to. Sometimes, an interior designer may have a vision that requires the client to increase their budget, but how flexible are you as a designer to mold yourself according to a client’s budget?

Most clients are very rigid with their budgets since the pricing involved in interior design is typically towards the higher side. For such clients, it becomes important to first put down a plan and then pick specific furniture stores.

Some interior designers also have vendors in place who can offer discounted pieces – but it all comes down to planning. To have a proper plan in place which can allow a designer to follow a budget to the T, many online tools can be used. These tools allow designers to create physical plans digitally, to be able to stick to budgets easily and not go overboard.

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interior design budgets
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4. Long Hours Lead to Lesser Projects

As an interior designer, do you find yourself saying no to taking up more projects, simply because you are pressed for time? Physically sourcing materials, creating plans and speaking to clients can be highly time-consuming, which means that as an interior designer, you will find it difficult to multitask and take on more projects at the same time.

However, there is an alternative to this – with tools like Foyr Neo, interior designers have been known to save hours and hours of design time. Foyr Neo allows interior designers to use machine learning and AI to create intuitive designs and bring concepts to life within hours instead of days.

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time consuming

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5. No CAD / 3D Modeling Experience

It’s not necessary that every interior designer has studied from the best interior design colleges and schools or received thorough experience in CAD or 3D modeling – and the best part is, this lack of experience doesn’t mean that you’ll be behind the pack! As an interior designer, if you don’t have experience in CAD or 3D modeling, don’t be worried.

Tools like Foyr Neo are as easy as 1,2,3! All you need to do is upload your floor plan and drag and drop models to create beautiful 4K renders. Interior designers can also use this tool to create a portfolio of designs, or simply experiment with spaces – that too, within hours!

The tool allows interior designers to be highly productive while performing complex functions and carrying out unique designs. Foyr Neo also accounts for lighting, rendering settings, plane docking and sunlight settings.

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lack of interior design software experience
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6. Maintaining Client Expectations

One of the most important things that business owners (be it a small business or large one) need to look at is managing client expectations. Clients can have very high expectations and budgets that could make it difficult to meet those expectations. However, every great interior designer knows that it’s their job to strike a fine balance between meeting expectations and remaining cost-effective.

Great designers set boundaries with clients, have proper plans, schedules and timelines in place, and find ways to work within budgets.

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maintain client expectations
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7. Selling Design Ideas

Another biggest challenge that design professionals face is getting their ideas across to clients. As a designer, one may have numerous design ideas, but if one is unable to get them across to the client, the idea can fall flat. So how does one sell an idea? The answer lies in visuals. Helping clients visualize interiors works wonders.

Interior designers use fabric swatches, mood boards, floor plans and 3D models to create stunning visuals to express their ideas. Tools like Foyr Neo work very well in such situations as well, where one needs to create a blueprint of the idea, into which the client can also easily provide their inputs.

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selling design ideas

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8. Incorporating Trends & Timeless Styles

With so much going on, how do interior designers manage to keep up with the latest design trends? Interior designers need to know how to strike a balance between introducing modern and fresh designs while maintaining a timeless style. The trick lies in knowing how to do this tastefully so that the client appreciates that modern trends have been incorporated and the overall design of the interiors doesn’t go out of style after a few years.

incorporating trends and styles
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9. Managing Costs & Time

Cost management and time management are some of the hardest things to deal with as an interior designer – especially when clients have massive expectations! There may be times when designers come across clients that want luxurious designs at affordable costs.

Good designers know where to source their materials, fabrics, maintain quality, and also try to stretch the budget as much as possible, to get clients what they need. At the same time, every good designer also knows where to draw the line to manage costs.

One of the easiest ways to ensure that one refrains from going overboard in managing costs, is to make a plan and stick to it. The plan will cover the budget and the timeline, both factors which will help a designer stay within the lines.

When a client changes their mind, or a project ends up getting delayed, costs can become very tight. Designers need to know how to keep a margin to account for changes or emergencies while maintaining their profits.

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managing costs and time
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10. Asking for Help

Being a great interior designer doesn’t mean doing it all on your own – it means knowing how to ask for help, and knowing when to ask for it. One of the biggest hurdles designers face is in putting together the right set of people, or knowing whom to consult in times of need.

Remember to follow the right people online and offline to get the best inspiration. If you know of seniors or advisors in the field, don’t be afraid to ask questions – that’s how you grow!

Another way of asking for help is taking your art online. This means not being afraid to use the latest tools and tech in making your work more convenient. For example, using Foyr Neo instead of CAD or 3D modeling.

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asking for expert help
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11. Hanging Art

Art can help lift any space, however interior designers need to know how to hang the right kind of art, and even source the right frames in various corners of the interior. For example, an office space can use a formal art piece or a conversational art piece, depending on the tone it needs to set. Alternatively, a bedroom can have several quirky pieces of art or a single large canvas – it all depends on the client’s needs and personality.

The best way to not go wrong is to use Foyr Neo to experiment with various styles of art that can look great within a single interior.

hanging art
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12. Depicting Personality

Interiors need to speak volumes; whether it’s the ambiance or the mood, it becomes imperative for an interior designer to figure out what the personality of a client is, and help bring it out with the elements in a space. From the color of the walls to the furniture and decor items, interior designers need to showcase a client’s personality through the design, so the result is unique.

Depicting Personality - problems in interior design

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13. Finding the Right People

Interior design involves a high amount of collaboration – whether it’s with other interior designers or with suppliers and vendors. To become a great interior designer one needs to have an excellent team of people that can carry out all the functions seamlessly and get the job done.

Start by creating your list of vendors, furniture stores, hardware agents, decorators, and other associates. Once your dream team is in place, you’ll notice how easily you can get the job done and start taking more work.

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finding right people
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14. Branding & Promoting Oneself

In today’s world, most interior designers are entrepreneurs or solopreneurs. Whether you are working for yourself or an agency, it’s important to create a brand and self-promote because, at the end of the day, people want to approach YOU for your ideas, experience, and work.

Mountain a social media profile on the side where you post pictures of your work, repost inspiration and continue to create a brand of your own. This way, you’ll be making your name in the market and can even source private clients (if you haven’t already done that!)

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branding and promoting oneself
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15. Taking Breaks

Finally, it’s time to take a break! That’s right. Interior designing is a demanding job – it involves creating plans, pleasing clients, sticking to budgets and timelines, and making sure the result looks like a visual utopia. But even the hardest working designers need to take a break now and then so as not to burn out.

Remember when to set boundaries, take breaks, say no to clients, or just switch off. This will help both mentally and physically in retaining information, seeking inspiration, and getting the job done!

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interior design problem - taking breaks

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Interior design is challenging – no doubt! But as an interior designer you can be assured, you’re not alone in making mistakes. When it comes to interior design, the best part is that mistakes can be fixed – but what distinguishes designers is the cost involved in fixing those. No interior designer or interior design firm is perfect. And the more you gain experience, the better your chances at landing higher and better projects!

problems in interior design
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If you’re a homeowner looking to remodel your home or spruce up your interior space, hire an interior designer. They have the knowledge, experience, and an excellent foundational understanding of colors, patterns, design trends and styles. Hiring a good designer may seem expensive at first, but is worth it.


What are the challenges of interior designers?

Some challenges that interior designers face include quality control across the supply chain, bringing down costs, meeting expectations of new clients and old clients and finding the right vendors and suppliers.

Is there an interior designer shortage?

While the need for talented interior designers is on the rise, the industry is facing a shortage of good interior designers. Find the best interior designers to suit your needs on Foyr.

Does interior design have a future?

COVID has impacted the future of interior design; with more people staying indoors and realizing the need for well-made interior spaces, interior design has strong future potential.

What is the future outlook for interior designers?

With exponential growth projected in the interior design market, there is huge scope for interior designers in the future, especially those that use software and technology to e-design and explore more potential online.

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